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Feng Shui Bagua

The Bagua can be thought of as the "circle of life" -- each side representing an area of your life and home. Thus, when inscribed with symbols or colors of good fortune and protection, it represents good fortune and protection of every aspect of your life.

A Feng Shui staple -- the Bagua is the best way to protect your home and family from negative energies. The protective bagua design around the outside is symbolic of the energies moving smoothly through and around your home.

Baguas are traditionally placed above the front door facing outward where they reflect negative chi and expand positive chi. (More about baguas on our feng shui and ritual magick tips page.)

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Click the photo to get these beautiful Bagua Shaped Mirrors - mirrored bagua base and attached Austrian crystal; a lovely feng shui light cure as well as a pretty way to add crystal energy to your space.



Just one each of these wooden baguas shown below available to ship right away.

Concave - draws in positive energy. A traditional mirror-centered wood bagua used to keep energies flowing smoothly.4.00" x 0.50"

Convex - deflects negative energy. A traditional mirror-centered wood bagua used to keep energies flowing smoothly. 6.95 each







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