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Crystal Ball Scrying(Gazing)

Crystal Ball Scrying has a long tradition as a wonderful tool for meditation, inner focus, and intuitional development. For those who have never used crystal balls in this way, we would like to offer a few suggestions. Like all personal growth and spirituality tools, crystal ball scrying can bring great self knowledge, Universal understanding, and depth of spirit. Have fun with it!

Scrying can be accomplished using many tools, such as: a dark colored bowl of water, a mirror with a black back, and most effective of all: a quartz crystal ball.

The size of your crystal ball is based upon your personal preference. My own personal favorite for scrying is the 130mm size, but many prefer the 110mm size for its ease of handling. Others favor the larger 150-200mm crystal balls, and they are quite beautiful as well as offering more area for visualizations. Smaller crystal balls can be more challenging, especially for beginners, as the smaller area sometimes cannot hold your gaze, allowing for distractions. If this happens often to you, simply choose a larger crystal ball.

for best scrying results, your crystal ball should be clear of inclusions or cloudy areas. One of the reasons we offer the special 100% quartz crystal balls is to allow the user the perfect vibrations affored by the genuine crystal, yet to avoid the visible inclusions of using the raw crystal. Inclusions can distract your vision, drawing attention to themselves rather than to visions.

Be sure your crystal ball is clean and free of fingerprints and dust when you prepare to use it. (Simply wipe it clean with a soft damp cloth before beginning. If your crystal ball is new and has not been cleansed, please see our cleansing crystals page.) Any marks can become a distraction when you are gazing into your crystal for a length of time.

Your crystal ball can be placed on a stand, on a pillow, or simply held in your hands; whichever feels best. I like to sit cross legged on the floor and have my crystal ball on a stand upon my alter, which is a very low table. This places the crystal at about my chest level, which is comfortable for me. Wherever you choose to sit, remember that you'll be gazing into your crystal ball for often extended periods of time, so choose a place that will allow you to be most comfortable.

Ideally, you should have a special space set aside for your personal work, with all your visionary tools collected there. As you meditate, work with your alter, practice your rune or tarot readings and scry in the same area, you build up a powerful energy which will help you reach a meditative state more easily the more you use it.

I have found that use of the same mellow instrumental music over time triggers an almost instant meditative state for me - my subconscious knows exactly what my intention is when I enter this area and put on the music. (One of my favorites is Kitaro's CD, "Tunhuang") Even though I'm a rock singer, I don't use rock for rituals - too distracting and I tend to sing along :-)

Incense has been used throughout history to help create a sacred space - and it's a delightful part of any ritual that sets the stage for psychic or visionary work.

If the area you choose for scrying has windows, be sure to keep the curtains closed for this work, as the sunlight or moonlight refractions from the window can be distracting. Candles are wonderful for all kinds of spiritual work, but any kind of soft lighting will do. I often use a small set of christmas lights for just the right amount of light without being too bright. Feel free to use whatever creates the best atmosphere for you. Many people prefer to scry at either dawn or sunset, although some traditions favor midnight and others favor high noon. Play with it! Experiment and see which times resonate best with you.

It is recommended that you create a special "spiritual circle" around the area in which you plan to scry. This gathers energy into your scrying area, as well as setting this portion of your home aside as special. Creating a circle can be as simple as turning in a circle and tracing it's shape around you with some incense, or acknowleging each of the four magnetic directions and speaking something such as "I now create the circle." I usually use a crystal wand for this purpose. Remain within the circle while you scry, and dissolve it with simple words or hand gestures when you have finished.

Choosing a special gown to wear for all your visionary work is another ritual act that makes it easier to achieve any form of altered states. Of course, not everyone feels this is necessary, and people are successful at scrying in their everyday clothing. Special ritual clothing is simply another trigger that seems to allow us to achieve deeper states most easily. I highly recommend it. The main idea is to feel beautiful and comfortable! You may wish to experiment with different fabrics, as some seem to allow your energy to expand through them, and others may repress your energy. Sometimes, nude (or skyclad) is the best way to go! Again, your comfort is the most important thing.

I always use this easy grounding and centering technique at the beginning of any visionary work. Once you have completed this step, allow this energy to expand outward from your body to fill the space around you, encircling yourself along with your crystal ball. You are now ready to begin scrying.

Continue to breath deeply and gaze into your crystal ball - remaining gentle, relaxed and open. When distractions come to mind, simply allow them to fade and continue gazing and breathing.

Crystal scrying can take some practice, so for your early sessions, do this only for 15- 30 minutes. Don't worry if you don't experience anything at first - just enjoy the time you have gifted yourself for this activity, knowing that scrying often takes several attempts before it is successful. Meanwhile, you are feeding your body and spirit each time you do your simple breathing exercizes as outlined above - and teaching your subconscious to more easily reach a meditative state with each practice session. Remember, this should be fun and relaxing!

At some point, your crystal ball will begin to "cloud" over with gathering energy. The clouds may be whispy or smokey in appearance. For some people the clouds fade and images begin to appear. For others, the cloudiness is a signal to close their eyes - and see visions with the inner sight. Often the clouds will take on colors. Intrepreting these colors is quite personal, and no one but you can tell you what your colors or visions represent. However, there are a few general guidelines for visions and colors to come in another article. (When it's posted this page will link to it, or look for it on our Articles and Tips Index page.

As you continue, you will find your focus comes easier and lasts longer each successive time. Enjoy this time of self blessing! I highly suggest keeping a written record of your experiences. Make a note of approximately how long you were gazing, and what you saw or felt. In the beginning you may see simple fogs and colors, which is fine. Especially as you become proficient at scrying, note any patterns that work best for you - time of day or night, ritual clothing and jewelry, moon phase, full or empty stomach, etc. Each pattern indicates your own personal scrying style. Follow it for more successful scrying!

To end your scrying session, allow the "clouds" to gather again, then disperse them. Visualize the crystal as a solid object once again. Cover it, and/or return it to it's place. Express gratitude, and open your circle.

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