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Crystal Wands

Wands have been used in many cultures and are a wonderful tool for enegetic and healing work. Since they are used to direct and amplify energy, they are also very helpful in feng shui space clearing and blessings. For healing practitioners, they are an invaluable tool to direct focused healing energy.

For Wicca, feng shui, Reiki, healers, Pagans or any other energetic workers, wands are used to create a sacred space in which to meditate or do spiritual work.

Wands are easily "cleansed" after working with them by passing them through incense or sage smoke.

Your wand is a powerful tool and should be used responsibly.


Agate Chakra Wand 8"


agateCrafted from a 7 different faceted pieces of Agate, quartz stones, and semi-precious stones, the 7 charka Agate wand is a beautiful instrument of magic and crystal healing practice. 8"

Agate Chakra Wand

$ 56.95 


7 Chakra Rose Quartz wand 5-7"

Crafted from a faceted piece of Rose Quartz, quartz stones, and semi-precious stones, the 7 charka Rose Quartz wand is a beautiful instrument of magic and crystal healing practice. 5-7"

$ 46.95 


Copper Healing Wand

This beautiful hand-crafted copper wand has a small polished crystal ball affixed to one end and a clear crystal terminator point in the other. Small garnet gemstones encircle both ends, set into the silver caps. The wands are approximately 7 1/2" in length, with some variation due to the inclination of the maker.



Copper Healing Wand

$ 33.95 


Chakra Mini Healing Wand

mini chakra wand

This petite yet powerful wand is 3" long, made of silver tubing with a quartz point end. Also has an egg shaped gemstone on the other endr. Seven colored stones run the length of the wand, each stone corresponding to each of the Chakras. It can be used as an aid in both physical and spiritual healing. Cute, compact and easy to carry, this healing wand is great for both your home based work, or slip it into one of our magickal bags for travel.

Chakra Mini Healing Wand

$ 21.95 


Abundance Wand

moneyFeaturing gemstones on either end with symbols of wealth in its shaft, this is a powerful aid in channeling energy for money spells. Various metal decorations & stones. Sold individually. 8”



Abundance Wand

$ 25.95 


Gold Healing Wand


A wonderful tool for your healing magic, the Gold Healing wand features a gold plated, copper shaft tipped with silvertone filigree and quartz crystal ends - the bottom being a faceted point and the top being a smooth ball. The resulting form is perfect for gathering and conducting energies, with gold being known to help purify and cleanse within magical practice. Use it to help your healing process by directing positive energy, and aid with healing mind, body and spirit.

The wand measures approximately 7 3/4" in length.

Gold Healing Wand

$ 38.95 




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