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Feng Shui Red Envelopes

Red Envelopes are used to enhance luck, prosperity and happiness. They are also utilized as protection from inauspicious Chi or and to prevent negative events from occuring.

Place three coins or bills in an envelope and place them atop the frame of your doorway, in your prosperity corner, in your wallet, or with your financial statements. Some practitioners recommend placing one in each corner of your desk for wealth. In China, these red envelopes are used to hold "lucky money" or small precious gifts such as gold or jewelry.

Their bright red color is considered yang - representing positive, active energy, protective power and luck. In China, it is believed that this red envelope will bring good luck to the person who receives it and to the person who gives it -- Try it and see what happens!



These are the Traditional Chinese Lucky Red Envelopes, size 3" x 5". They have various *auspicious symbols and imagery printed in gold foil on their face. Each batch we receive looks different, and all images relate to wealth and good fortune. Your envelopes may not have the design in our photo. Please scroll down for descriptions of the various images you may receive.

9 Traditional Lucky Red Envelopes
$ 2.59 


27 Traditional Red Luck Envelopes

27 Chinese Lucky Red Envelopes ready for use. Great for holding small or 2" Chinese coins, money gifts, business cards or ? Your imagination is the limit!


Envelope Descriptions

*As the Chinese Lucky Red Envelopes are designed to be used for good fortune and prosperity, all envelope designs relate to these subjects.
Envelopes considered especially auspicious feature some or all of the following images:
  • Children carrying/exchanging pots of gold or goods, representing increase in fortune, health, and wealth.
  • Chinese charactors invoking good fortune, abundance, wealth, increase
  • Dragons
  • Combinations of above designs
Red is considered the most energetic of all the colors and thus is high in "chi". It is used to activate wealth. The gold on the envelopes represents riches, increase, and good fortune.




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