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Feng Shui Money Frogs

This mythical creature is said to appear every full moon near homes that will receive good news of increased wealth or monetary gain. Called "Chan Chu" in Chinese, he is more commonly known as the delightful Money Frog.

Believed to be the bearer of good fortune, the money frog may come with a Chinese Coin in its mouth, or be made of materials like jade or brass that attract wealth.

Place this frog in your wealth corner or in the area where you usually do your financial books and let him charge up the area with abundance. Place him inside your front door facing inwards to symbolize money coming in to your home or business!


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Brass Money Frogs are now on the

Golden Resin Money Frog

About 3" in diameter, this Golden Money Frog has a rich, opulant visage that is perfect for attracting abundance. Place him facing your front door or in your wealth area to bring prosperity and good fortune. Usually Comes with a built in golden coin, or sometimes comes with a jeweld coin. This Golden resin money frog has chi-red jeweled eyes and sits atop money bowls or bagua. Sure to bring an aura of good fortune wherever he is placed!


Golden Resin Money Frog (not many of these left!)

$ 10.95  Quantity: out

Mini Golden Money Frog is about 2" in diameter, wonderfully crafted from golden resin. The money frog symbolizes wealth and prosperity. He's got chi-red jeweled eyes and sits atop money bowls, coins,or bagua. (Each style is shown in the photo, we'll choose one for you.)

Comes with a miniature coin that fits in his mouth. Make a ritual of placing the coin into his mouth (to attract money) and gluing it in place (to keep wealth). Place him in your money corner, where you do your books, or facing your front door to attract abundance. Cute and affordable!


Mini Golden Money Frog CLOSE OUT

$ 4.95  Quantity:




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