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Pendulums are wonderful tools for self discovery, energy detection, and personal evolution. Their use goes back further than many other known spiritual tools, and a basic pendulum is easily fashioned using things like a ring on a chain or string. People have used improvised pendulums such as necklaces as well as specially crafted pendulums for divination and intuition throughout history. (If you prefer a professionally designed pendulum, see this page for wonderfully balanced pendulums of metals and crystals, each selected for their energetic properties and ease of use.)

I started using pendulums as a schoolgirl, tying my rings to string and asking myself basic schoolgirl type questions about boys and such - this is how simple it is to fashion and use a basic pendulum!

However, pendulums can be used in a much more sophisticated manner to detect flowing and blocked chi areas (for feng shui), locate lost items and ley lines, as well as as a dowsing tool for locating water or mineral deposits. You can use your pendulum to confirm your intuitive decisions, purchasing decisions, and relationship issues. For these uses, a well crafted, balanced pendulum is best.

For many of us, the most wonderful use of the pendulum is self discovery and personal evolution! Your pendulum can be used to confirm your own intuition, analyse dreams, test integrity of teachings, selection of spiritual tools, resolve questions of timing - and much more. Pendulums are wonderful combined with tarot or runes, too!

Easy Pendulum Use

1)First, ground and center yourself. Your pendulum will be most accurate if you approach working with it from a grounded and expanded consciousness. Your answers will be much more accurate if you approach questions with a quiet meditative state of mind, rather than from the chattering "personality self". Pendulum use is a great tool for cultivating the quiet mind of the higher, spiritual self.

2) Hold your pendulum between the first finger and thumb, suspending the pendulum so it hangs down freely. Hold your arm and hand steady and ask a question. Be as specific as possible.

3) If you have never used a pendulum before, you'll need to determine your personal directions for answers to questions. There are four basic answers:

  • yes
  • no
  • not ready or willing to know
  • not yet determined

4) To determine your directions, ask yourself something that will answer yes, such as "is my name ____?. (using your name, of course!) Or just do what I do, say "show me "yes". Hold your hand and arm relaxed but still. Do not consciously move your arm or fingers.

5) Depending upon your personal polarity, your pendulum will begin to swing, first slowly and then faster into a widening circle. For me, yes is clockwise, and no is counterclockwise. These response directions usually never change for an individual, but I always begin with the basic "show me yes" and "show me no" just to confirm my energy flow.

6) Next determine the two other answers. These will be a basic "swing" left and right, and a "swing" front and back. These answers are usually more rare, but are used in instances when you are either not ready for the answer, or the answer is still being formed, and is currently unclear.

Do not attempt to influence the movement or your answers will be less accurate.

7) Ask your questions, reflect upon your answers, and express gratitute for such a wonderful tool. Then replace your pendulum in its bag or box for next use. It is recommended that you not allow others to handle your personal pendulum, so as not to mix up the energies. If your pendulum is handled by others, energetically cleanse it before use.

Advanced Pendulum Use

As you advance in working with your pendulum, you can create charts that represent percentages of "yes" and "no" and refine your questions and answers to be even more specific. In this way you'll get answers more like "definately YES!" or "no way!" - which can be not only accurate but quite funny at times. Remember, pendulum use, like the use of all spiritual tools - is delightful - have fun with it!

One of the nice uses for pendulums is determining and detecting any blocked energies in your own body. You can then use your hands to send focused healing energy to these areas, often quickly improving the way you feel.

As you become more skilled in pendulum use, you may wish to use it in body/energy work with a willing companion. Simply holding your pendulum over each chakra of another person will give you either a "yes" direction, for healthy flow, or a "no" for blockages. You can then apply energetic healing energy to the blocked areas. This can be expanded to using crystals and other healing objects in conjunction with your pendulum. Some people prefer to use specifiically made crystal pendulums for this work, such as those on our pendulum page.

In working with your pendulum, you will discover that it is extremely useful for feng shui and any work that requires detecting energies.

For more advanced pendulum work, you may want to explore the pendulum kit on our pendulum page, which opens a whole new world of pendulum use.


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